Instant Bills

Instant Bills Pay is an online collection platform that allows customers to pay bills and make payments for goods and services online, anytime, anywhere.

Fast, secure and friendly way to pay your bills on the go.

The platform allows you collect payment online. Customers have the flexibility to make payments 24/7 and you will be able to download customized reports, in line with the business needs.

How it Works​?

  • Merchant signs up on Instant Bills Pay to collect payment.
  • Merchant receives payment of bill
  • Instant Bills Pay collects customers personal info and contact details.
  • Instant Bills Pay processes payment of bills for customer.
  • Instant Bills Pay keeps a record of all bills paid.
  • Customer pays bills on Instant Bills Pay via their cards (Visa and MasterCard/Verve)

Why You Should be on Instant Bills Pay​?

  • Easily accessible online on various platforms ranging from desktops to tablets and mobile devices
  • Improved customer satisfaction, as customers will enjoy the flexibility and ease of making payments from anywhere in the world
  • Increased brand awareness because you become visible to your customers. They now know where to find you and pay for your services
  • Real-time audit trail with facility to view transactions online and ability to customize and download reports in line with your MIS reporting needs
  • Secure transactions, using one of the highest Secure Socket Layer Encryption systems, and this is same for our payment gateway which is PCIDSS compliant. PCIDSS means Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, and they set the standards on Data Security for Card transactions
  • 24/7 support via UBA Customer Fulfillment Center and full technical assistance is provided during and after integration
  • Automatically generated receipts, which act as proof of successful payments


  • Multi-currency and multi-lingual platform.
  • Customized and downloadable report.
  • Accessible over the internet, anywhere in the world.
  • Accept payments at the branch.
  • Instant transaction notification via emails and SMS.
  • Compatible with various mobile devices.

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